Artist-you-might-not-know-but-should-really-know [24]

rosiecapjpgWho? Rosie Thomas. Genre? Folk/Acoustic. About: I stumbled upon her lovely music while I was browsing some of the olden music blogs, and I istantly fell in love with her voice and music as a whole, so I went and got all of her albums, and I drowned in a world of tenderness and beauty, a much calmer world than ours. I handpicked the best of hers, and here’s your chance of expanding your horizon to something so beautiful. “It Don’t Matter To The Sun” is my most played song of hers, its play count sky-rocketed in the winter, it’s a very winter-y song, it’s one of my favorites of hers. “Say Hello” is a song I’m sure most of you will adore because it’s very simple, verging on being a mere lullaby, it will sooth and relax you, this is a “crowd” favorite, whenever I play her music, this one sticks out. “Guess It May” is led with piano and emotionally-broken vocals, they work like magic. “Let It Be Me” is a song I didn’t initially like, but on the album’s tracklisting it was the song after “Guess It May” so it kept playing whenever that one ended, and I fell in love with after having it stuck in my head. “Have You Seen My Love” is my second favorite of hers, it’s just so sad but “demure” if I may say that about a song, it was an instant hit in my charts, still is. “I Run” and “Death Came And Got Me” are both highlights in their own album, and in her whole catalogue. Give in to her music, it’ll make your life better.

Rosie Thomas:
It Don’t Matter To The Sun
Say Hello
Guess It May
Let It Be Me
Have You Seen My Love
I Run
Death Came And Got Me


5 thoughts on “Artist-you-might-not-know-but-should-really-know [24]

  1. omg i swear yesterday her song came up on shuffle and then i searched her name and overdosed on all her songs! Her voice is so peaceful i love her!

    • G: Hehe great ears listen a like!

      ABE: Yes yes, I love It Don’t Matter To The Sun.

      Isabel: I’m so very glad that you liked her music, I love introducing new artists to people and have a positive feedback hehe!

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