nuLike: Outta Here – Esmée Denters

esmee-denters-outta-herejpgEsmée of YouTube‘s fame, we all saw her videos, most of us liked her, some loved her, I am some. She’s the first artist to get signed to Justin Timberlake’s Tinman record company, so you know she’s gonna release bombs under his watch. Here is her first single produced by Polow Da Don (Ciara’s Promise, Nicole Scherzinger’s Whatever U Like, Kelis’ Blindfold Me) and Justin Timberlake. It’s darker than what I thought she’d release, but that’s always a plus in my book! I can see Rihanna doing this song, but with weaker vocals and more moaning.

Outta Here – Esmée Denters [Download]


5 thoughts on “nuLike: Outta Here – Esmée Denters

  1. Faisal: ee walla wayid tshabiha, mala7th illa lama gilt!

    G: Thanks 😉 Yeah the song is really good!

    ABE: Lol yeah!

    Yousef: Glad I made you smile, how is the song?

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