List: Soundtrack, vol.2

music-notesjpgA continuum to this post.

ciEvery You Every Me – Placebo [Download]
Taken from the soundtrack of Cruel Intentions is one of my favorite songs of Placebo, a band that I have yet to fully discover their music. I love this bit:
“Like the naked leads the blind
I know I’m selfish I’m unkind
Sucker love I always find
Someone to bruise and leave behind”

deathproofChick Habit – April March [Download]
One of my all-time fave soundtrack songs! I always wait for Tarantino soundtrack, he’s the best. It’s only 2 minutes 7 seconds. I won’t say anything other than DOWNLOAD IT.

sm3Falling Star – Jet [Download]
Taken from Spider-Man 3, I immediatly fell in love with it even though it’s not my usual “cup of tea”.

dirFever – A Fine Frenzy [Download]
I looked up, down, left, right, and around for this song back then. I love the original, and I love Alison.

chicagoFunny Honey – Renée Zellweger [Download]
From the unparalleled musical Chicago, which I still think is the best movie musical. I wasn’t too keen on the song when I first watched the movie, but it has grown on me tremendously.

dreamgirlsMove – Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé & Anika Noni Rose [Download]
I featured Heavy before, and now Move. I love Hudson’s powerful voice on the song, plus it’s always nice to hear Beyonce only in the background, makes me think how papa knowles felt.

happyfeetHit Me Up – Gia Farrell [Download]
Happy Feet’s movie single. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, I used to like it a lot when it first came out, it’s still special to me.

ptYou Belong To Me – Rose McGowan [Download]
Who knew Rose had a beautiful sultry voice? I love the lyrics.

dogmaStill – Alanis Morissette [Download]
From the movie Dogma (lol). It’s not my favorite Alanis soundtrack song but I featured my favorite many times ago (Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)) so it’s time for something new, it’s classic Alanis.

spiritFalling In Love Again (Can’t Help It) – Christina Aguilera [Download]
Best for last, this is one of Christina’s most sultry songs, not so much in the lyrics as much as the way she sings and the music. It’s 8 minutes long, it’s an established classic in MY book.


9 thoughts on “List: Soundtrack, vol.2

  1. The whole soundtrack for Dreamgirls and Chicago is amazing!!!! If you chose any other song from the albums it would still be a great choice!!
    Plus i like Christina’s song! And i wana watch the movie 😦

  2. MC: I totally agree. My first two choices were All That Jazz and Cell Block Tango, but they’re known to more people than Funny Honey, which I think it brilliant.

    Milfa3: Yeah the Dreamgirls soundtrack is really good, I didn’t know which songs to choose because there are too many. Yeah The Spirit’s song is perfect, it’s very.. I don’t know how to describe it! The movie looks promising but the reviews are all bad (I know you hate reviews and critics :p)

  3. I was wondering when you were going to post Christinas Falling IN Love Again ! Brilliant selection of songs,Thanks! 🙂

  4. G: It’s inevitable that I post it! Thanks for passing by 😉

    Z: Glad you like it! Listen to April March’s song from vol.1, you’ll like it me thinks.

  5. Great list! A few years ago, I was really into PLacebo, you shoud check them out.
    Like other posters said, the Dreamgirls O.S.T. is brilliant! I have yet to watch Chicago, but it’s def. on my list.
    Rose McGowan’s voice is really amazing thanks for posting the song && Hit me up is such a guilty pleasure, it’s so much fun. ^^

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