Review/Spotlight: Erik Hassle’s “Hassle”

hassleI promised to post his album back in this previous post, and here it is. The album is definitely a highlight of 2009, so far. From the opening track to the closing one, it’s all good, and I mean really good. The album kicks in with “Bump In The Road” which is a hopeful song perfect for blasting out loud on your way to work. “Hurtful” we all heard it, we all love it, we all are still having it on repeat, aren’t we? good. “Don’t Bring Flowers (After I’m Dead)” another highlight, if you liked the previous two, you’ll love this one, its lyrics are beautiful, and no it’s not a ballad. “Isn’t It Obvious” one of my favorites, this would’ve been a perfect lead single for Kelly Clarkson instead of “My Life Would Suck With You“, I can’t think of any person more fitting for this song, it’s an instant favorite.”The Thanks I Get” the album slows down a bit in here, but it’s still as perfect as ever, the lyrics are enough to keep you occupied through the whole song, add to it Erik’s beautiful voice, and you’ll have a winner, another favorite. “Wanna Be Loved” is on the verge of MGMT’s territory, the chorus is its best part, and I usually hate choruses, “Of all the lonely people, I wanna be loved by you“. “Fist Time” is uplifting, my favorite line in the whole album is in it, “You keep on giving me goosebumps, every time you touch my neck, and did you know girl just how bad my toes curl, when the end of our fingers connect?“, beautiful!”Love Me To Pieces” is a bit boring, but the chorus salvages the whole song and save it from sounding like everything on the radio. “All I Wanted Was You” is the big ballad of the album, his vocal range is huge. “Back To Bed” has my favorite intro-music of the album, it’s eerily beautiful, another favorite of mine. “Make It In Time” the perfect way to close a perfect album. I don’t usually give any album 5 pods rate, but this is more than deserving.



1. Bump In The Road
2. Hurtful
3. Don’t Bring Flowers (After I’m Dead)
4. Isn’t It Obvious?
5. The Thanks I Get
6. Wanna Be Loved
7. First Time
8. Love Me To Pieces
9. Bitter End
10. All I Wanted Was You
11. Back To Bed
12. Make It In Time

Erik Hassle – Hassle [Download]


4 thoughts on “Review/Spotlight: Erik Hassle’s “Hassle”

  1. Thank you so, so much for posting this one, Fahad! I was looking for that one and Hurtful (who can not like this song?!) got me craving for more. I’ll check it ot soon but for now a big ‘thanks’ in your direction =D

  2. Hi there,

    I’m so much thankful for this album. I love this album, but the song u named ur favorite “Isn’t It Obvious?” was corrupt when I extracted the from the zip file. 😦 How sad!

    Would u please upload that one song “Isn’t It Obvious?” I’m really looking forward to hearing it cause that’s a high recommendation from you.

    Thanks, and thanks! 🙂 !

    P/S: If u don’t want to put just one song on your blog, can u send me via email too? ! Thanks so so much!

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