List: 2009 Movie Bible, vol.1

317ASP897-44137913Here’s the first part to a hopefully successful series of posts. Here are some of my movies to look out for in 2009. They range from blockbusters, to documentaries, to foreign films, to independent movies and then back to blockbusters.


young_victoria_ver2jpgThe Young Victoria

where_the_wild_things_arejpgWhere The Wild Things Are


tyson_ver2jpgTyson: The Movie

star_trek_xi_ver17jpgStar Trek

treeless_mountainjpgTreeless Mountain

public_enemiesjpgPublic Enemies

spinning_into_butterjpgSpinning Into Butter, lol this is one ugly poster!

private_lives_of_pippa_leejpgThe Private Lives Of Pippa Lee, big great cast, and seemingly INTERESTING.

phoebe_in_wonderlandjpgPhoebe In Wonderland

orphanjpgOrphan, I personally can’t wait to watch this. Creepy kids are always LOVELY to watch.

obsessedjpgObsessed, keep an eye out for B and Ali’s fight scene, hilarious.

my_suicidejpgMy Suicide

moon_ver2jpgMoon, this looks REALLY promising, I can’t wait to watch it.

lemon_tree_ver3jpgLemon Tree

h_two_ver2jpgH2 (Halloween 2), sorry no trailer yet.

guest_of_cindy_shermanjpgGuest Of Cindy Sherman

nursery_universityjpgNursery University


baader_meinhof_komplex_ver5jpgThe Baader Meinhof Complex

astro_boyjpgAstro Boy

angels_and_demons_ver2jpgAngels & Demons

american_violetjpgAmerican Violet

alien_trespass_ver4jpgAlien Trespass, I really really really can’t wait to watch this one!

american_swingjpgAmerican Swing, no idea what it’s about, but HOT poster.

98293895jpgPowder Blue, interesting cast (Hiya Lisa Kudrow). This is the movie with Jessica Biel’s big stripping scene.

american_princejpgAmerican Prince


11 thoughts on “List: 2009 Movie Bible, vol.1

  1. I really don’t know what to write about this post bs 9ij can’t wait to watch UP, Angels & Demons, Phoebe in Wonderland, Public Enemies, Valentino, Star Trek, Obsessed and the Young Victoria!!!
    I really like this post!!!
    can’t wait for Vol.2 ;p

  2. Obsessed, Star Trek and Angels & Demons ALL THE WAAAAY!!!!

    H2, UP, Public Enemies, Valentino, Orphan, and Where The Wild Things Are i want to watch….but the rest i thnk i’ll pass.

    Wolverine, Terminator, GI Joe, Drag Me To Hell, The Proposal, TRANSFORMERS 2 (!!!!), Bruno and Harry Potter all should have made it to the list, more than some that were on…

  3. i looove this post !! it took me a while to go throughout the trailers and look at the posters. There are some movies i haven’t heard of but now after this post i’m eager to watch! Thanks!

  4. ABE: They all seem interesting, and after watching The Da Vinci Code just now for the first time, I really can’t be more amped to watch Angels & Demons.

    Milfa3: Yeah I know there are some movies I posted that are not entirely my cup of tea, but either the poster of the trailer grabbed my attention. As for the “missing” movies, all I can say is, wait for vol. 2 :p

    G: Glad you enjoyed it, you can bookmark it and then go back to it at the end of the year to download the ones you haven’t seen :p

    Mohd: A true pleasure.

  5. Geez, it took me forever to go through this one LOL
    The movies you posted pretty much all look interesting, but the only one I’m going to see on the big screen will probably be Up, it just looks beyond amazing. And maybe Moon, that one looks very interesting.
    I also like the amount of documentaries you featured, Valentino looks surprisingly funny, but I dunno if I’ll be able to understand everything he says lol, Nursery University (you posted the wrong trailer btw 🙂 ) looks just crazy and Guest of Cindy Sherman looks great aswell.
    Also cool: Orphan (just HOW amazingly creepy is that child, perfect for a movie night :D), Private Lives (haven’t really figures that one out yet, the cast looks awesome, it’s either really amazing or just verrry bad), My Suicide looks like sth. new, that hasn’t been there before and the trailer of Treeless Mountain just touched my heart idk, it’s so well filmed!
    Last but not least, The Baader Mehof Complex has been on my list for a while now. It’s a very intense movie, it seems, and portrays (another) horrible time in Germany and the effects of radical behaviour…
    Can’t wait for Vol. 2 (I hope to find Harry Potter and Transformers 2 on there 😉 )

  6. Fhaid, min il akher, mita binshoof hathool ??

    ooo ba3dain min ghari 7achee zaaayed, ana free agent oo mabe asawee “madree ay film ashoof” ay film bit7i6oona min hal list is fine by me 😛

    FA YALLA 6iGNEE !!!

  7. Kcal: Yes it seems very promising!

    Jenny: Lol glad you went through it! Yes Up! looks amazing, as does every other Disney/Pixar picture. Moon is the one i’m looking forward to watch the most… maybe. I love indie movies and some documentaries. I love movies with possessed children, nothing creepier than kids! I get what you mean with Private Lives, often movies with big great cast turned out to be a big flop! Vol.2 will be more “blockbusters-to-be” oriented, so.. yes :p

    Abdullah: FREE AGENTS. Whatever gets released first we’ll watch! But first how about Doubt/Grey Gardens this weekend, eh?

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