nuLike: Anthonio – Annie

annie1Since Annie’s album “Don’t Stop” leaked months ago months before its release day, it got pushed back in order to be properly promoted. Thus, new songs were recorded, new single is said to lead the release, and that sing is the Richar-X produced Anthonio, it’s 100% Annie. It’s better than the previous “lead” single “I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me”.

Anthonio – Annie [Download]


5 thoughts on “nuLike: Anthonio – Annie

  1. totally awesome track. the remix by Designer Drugs is great too. i put it on my last compilation and got feedback from annie herself saying that she was glad i liked the track and that she was really happy about people’s response her new material.. cool!
    visit me on cheers!

    • I didn’t like the Designer Drugs remix that much, but I wholeheartedly love the original, and think it’s unparalleled, no matter how remixed it gets, I’ll always go back to the original one. I especially love the way she enunciates Ipanema (ee. paa. nee. ma!). It’s a great honor that she emailed you herself, absolutely great on her behalf!
      Thanks for checking out my blog, and your blog is brilliant!

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