Lovey-dovey, the Chocolate method!

chocolate2-208-1jpgChocolate, the tastiest ingredient on earth, here refers to the tastiest songs, music, and artists. No one sings love songs like black people, no racism, no strings attached, it’s just facts. Soul music, R&B, Motown, are all primarily black music, and love is the subject of 99% of those songs. So here’s a little compilation of love sings, that’s sure to put a smile on your pretty face when heard! So hurry up and get loadin’.

jillJill Scott:
Come See Me
All I
He Loves Me [Lyzel In E Flat] (Live In Paris)

I could sleep to the sound of Jill talking, let alone singing, here’re some of her best love-filled songs, her writing is immense, especially the second and third ones! Fact: Janet Jackson said Come See Me is her favorite track off Jill’s album while promoting Why Did I Get Married? in which they starred alongside each other.

toniToni Braxton:
I Wanna Be (Your Baby)

I know it’s not her best, but I love that song, it came up while shuffling, and I just stood still listening to the lyrics defining and dissecting a love so strong, and “laying it on the line”

jjackonJanet Jackson:
Spending Time With You
Any Time, Any Place
Love 2 Love
No one does sexy love ballad like Ms. Jackson, a song that’s very underrated and ignored is “Love 2 Love” which I think is beyond great, the beat, the vocals, the overall production, it’s a hard-hitting one!

lhillLauryn Hill:
Nothing Even Matter
I won’t say a word, listen to the lyrics.

akeysAlicia Keys:
Never Felt This Way (Interlude)
Taken from her debut album, this beautifully crafted interlude was dismissed/ignored by the public because of it being a mere interlude, I think it’s better than half of the album, if you’ve never heard and you like any Alicia song, just make sure to grab it while it’s here!

alarriAmel Larriuex:
For Real
Make Me Whole
“Make Me Whole” is a modern classic, or it should be. It’s the IT song for lovers, not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the best songs I have heard my whole life. For Real is just beautiful, the high-notes towards the end are crazy, didn’t know she had it in her!

1st & Love
“1st & Love” is one of the best songs on Brandy’s latest LP, it stood out immediately, it has a killer hook, an epic chorus, and beautiful cutesy lyrics! “Fall” is also a gem of hers, “When you find someone that means so much to you, giving all you got is easy to do


5 thoughts on “Lovey-dovey, the Chocolate method!

  1. I love Toni and this is a nice song!!
    As for Amel Larrieux, you introduced me to her a while back and i really love these two tracks….her vocals are amazing!!

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH now your gone done it on my a$$ ,, this is one of april’s top posts in my monthly review ,, UMM HMM ,, snap snap snap snap and more snaps ya chalb ! i love this post !!!! its sooo me !

  3. Milfa3: Yeah it came on shuffle and I was hooked, glad you liked Amel Larrieux, because rumor has it that you “don’t listen to people you don’t know”…

    Abdullah: Hehe thanks 😉 Has to kick-start the month, no? It is so you, I dunno what I was thinking of, I guess I was in that “zone” for a bit, and what better than those songs to embrace it? 3ala golat MC no “ting”!

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