ICON: Edith Piaf

edithI believe that each country, or shall I say region has an impeccable icon singer, whether it be a Traditionalist one, a Soprano, or a plain Diva, whose voice reaches and touches the whole world. They’re too many to list, but through this category I hope to cover the ones I love one by one. This time she’s french. I have always loved the language (french!) and I still think it’s the sexiest language, and the most beautiful one. I hope one day to master it. Until then, I’ll keep listening to french music. I would be lying if I said I knew Edith before the Marion Cotillard movie. I decide to get her “Very Best Of” and listen to it, and so I did. Her voice is not only magical, it’s one of the weirdest voice I have heard. I could listen to that voice my whole life and not be bored of it, I believe she’s the european equivalent of Umm Kulthum. There are no words to describe her, or her voice, the only way to truly understand what I mean, download the songs below and you’ll know.

Edith Piaf:
Comme Moi
Hymne A L’amour
Avant Nous
La Vie en Rose

Guess Who’s answer



answerNatasha Bedingfield

Guess Who

guessherHint: A singer, she has 3 albums.
Hint #2:  She’s NOT American

nuLike: Pucker Up – Ciara

ciciDarkchild brings the goods, this is one of the standout tracks on Cici’s new album. Too bad some of the earlier leaked song that were VERY good aren’t on the album, but some of them are on the deluxe edition. Oh also am I the only one who’s disappointed that the whole 3-disc “ride” was scrapped? oh wells.

Pucker Up – Ciara [Download]

Moviedar: H2

I’m one of the biggest fans of the original Halloween, and its somewhat less appealing sequels up to Halloween H20. But this one right here looks awful, but of course I’m going to watch it. The poster looked more promising than the whole trailer itself. Good thing about the movie is that it starts exactly where the first one left off, and by the first one I mean Rob’s first. Oh and what the hell is that white haired lady?  her plot seems very tacky.

Lyrics: Earreading [13]

sandalsI’m being dragged down, down by the hand
The hand of a golden giant man
He’s crushing my knuckles and splitting my skin
He says he will let go if only I ask it of him
He says girl it’s your call, you wanna fly you wanna fall?
So I shout I wanna get away from you as fast as I can
I tell my feet to move it, I hope they have a plan
“-SiA’s “Little Black Sandals

Song Of The Day

asalahSong: Talabtek
Artist: Asalah
Album: Sawaha Galbi
In short: One of her best songs that never gets old. The vocals are immaculate and on a level of their own. Even if you’re not into arabic music, listen to her vocals, they would put the “R&B” divas to shame. I consider Asalah to be THE best arabic vocalist of our time. Her album Sawaha Galbi is her best selling album, even though it had little to no promotion and she didn’t shoot any of the songs. That is an achievement.

Talabtek – Asalah [Download]

Guess Who’s answer



mimiMariah Carey

Guess Who!


Moviedar: Oceans

Brought to you by Disneynature, so you know it’ll be good! The trailer is breathtaking, from the scenery to the editing, it looks VERY promising and I for one can not wait to get to watch it. Keep in mind that it’s kind of a documentary, not a “movie”. Even if you hate documentaries, watch the trailer and be amazed.

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