Lyrics: Earreading [8]

holdme“If I wanted silence I would whisper,
and if I wanted loneliness I’d choose to go,
and if I liked rejection I’d audition,
and if I didn’t love you, you would know”-Maria Mena’s “Just Hold Me


Song Of The Day

adeleSong: First Love
Artist: Adele
Album: 19
In short: “Forgive me first love, but we’re through, I need to taste the kiss from someone new”, lyrics like this don’t come too often, and if they did come, none is accompanied with a music-box-like instrumental. Definitely one o her best songs.

First Love – Adele [Download]

Artist-you-might-not-know-but-should-really-know [22]

kwWho? Kate Walsh
Genre? Folk/Acoustic
About: Well first of all, it’s not THAT Kate Walsh, of Private Practice’s fame. This Kate Walsh has a magical voice that’ll make you fall in love with her music upon first listen. I can’t praise her music nor her voice enough. Here are some of my favorite songs of hers, “Your Song” is a lush “crush” song, it reminds me of “Bubbly” by Colbie, but with better vocals, even though I love me some Cailat. “Talk Of The Town” is the song I first heard by her, and I immediately fell in love with her music, and it is my most played song of hers, the vulnerability in her voice is compelling. “Don’t Break My Heart” is just another gem, “I’ll fall again if I see you face, and I’ve done all my crying for you love“. “Tonight” is a very stripped down song with her voice commanding the song, my favorite line “Tonight we’ll be whoever we like, tonight in each other we’ll hide“. I hope you’ll like as much as I do.

Kate Walsh:
Your Song
Talk Of The Town
Don’t Break My Heart

Song Of The Day

Song: Give In To Me
Artist: Michael Jackson
Album: Dangerous
In short:’s Michael Jackson.

Give In To Me – Michael Jackson [Download]

Remixtation: Untouchable – Girls Aloud

aloudBimbo Jones remixes Girls Aloud’s “Untouchable”, you download it, you listen to it in beautiful 320 kbps, you like it!

Untouchable (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) – Girls Aloud [Download]

Britney S(Disap)pears in her self-starred Circus

While lip-syncing performing her Blackout gem “Ooh Ooh Baby”, Britney did some magic tricks with the help of a magician, here are two of the tricks, one is a bit boring, and the second is the good one, check it out, it’s in good quality too!

nuLike: Painted Windows – Pussycat Dolls

PCDProduced by Rodney Jerkins, aka Darkchild (When I Grow Up, Feedback..etc.), the songs sounds like an A R Rahman production, it’s never a bad a thing. The chorus is addictive, the song sounds fresh, better than half of the original album. This, a new remix of Hush Hush, Jai Ho, and Top Of The World can all be found on Doll Domination 2.0!

Painted Windows – Pussycat Dolls [Download]

Guess Who’s Answer



guesssssssCatherine Zeta-Jones

Lyrics: Earreading [7]

stalk“If you a star, I be your milky way
If you a bar, I drink up everyday
If you the town, I be the talk
If you the talk, baby I be the walk

If you wanna dig, I be your gold baby
If you wanna live, I be your old age
You be the time, I be the clock
You be the tick, I be the tock


If you a case, I be a jury
If you a sin, I be your mercy
If you a beat, I be the moves
If you a tree, baby I be the roots

If you a bride, I be your wedding
If you a soul, I be your Otis Redding
If you a verse, I be your song
If you a king, I be your kong”-
Nikka Costa’s “Stuck To You

Guess Who

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