Random: Weird Plastic Surgeries

The days of Liposuction, nose-jobs, facelifts..etc. are over! Plastic Surgeries evolved over the past years, you’ll see some surgeries that’ll wow you!

a228_tonguejpgFirst, we have this snake-tongue surgery that basically split the tongue with laser to create the image above, nasty.

a228_dogsjpgDog face-lift! Now that’s disturbing, poor dog!

ob-at301_health_20071030131120jpgThe 6-packs suction. This is basically liposuction but is more focused on the fat between the skin and the packs. The results are weird, and not in a good way.

0jpgElf-ear!!! Why? Why would anyone undergo a surgery to make their ears elf-like? I don’t get it!

prenatal-plastic-surgeryjpgReady? Plastic surgeries from INSIDE THE WOMB?? The baby isn’t even born yet, what kinda fuckery is this?


5 thoughts on “Random: Weird Plastic Surgeries

  1. GROSS!

    Elf ear… obsessed with The Lord Of the Rings, much?

    as far as I remember they have elf-like creatures :/

    The pregnant woman in the last picture must go to JAIL!

  2. Tounge splitting…old news.

    Elf ears….Im planning on getting them myself someday, they are pretty.

    Dog faelift, and fetal plastic surgery, defonatly fake.

    • yes i kind of like the idea of the elf ears as well, but i think my ears are big enough i could pull off the arwen ears (LOTR REFERENCE…heheh) so yes, pretty much people who like the look and maybe a little in love with LOTR or other dorky elf things. like zelda.

      and theres nooooo way they could plastic surgery a fetis. just, i can’t.

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