Spotlight: Rabenkinder

rabenWhile walking the street of Köln in Germany, I heard a VERY beautiful voice that made me follow wherever it came from like Jerry follows the cheese scent in Tom & Jerry. It led me to a sweet couple sitting on the floor with a guitar case opened and coins/money in it.. I thought they were too good to be begging for money, they WERE too good! I stood there for a good three songs before they packed and left, they sang in english and german, the woman’s voice is angelic, they had a CD they sold for €5, and I thought of sharing it, because how else would people get to listen to their music, and hopefully someone will notice them and sign them up to a record label asap! My favorites are I’m Not Alone, Nein, and Mask Of Smile. Take a listen yourself and tell me what you think!

Noch Louter!
Bei Mir
I’m Not Alone
Broken Precious Child
Mask Of Smile

Rabenkinder – EP [Download]


5 thoughts on “Spotlight: Rabenkinder

  1. I’ll make sure to check them out. I’m German myself but unfortunately don’t live in Cologne (beautiful city). Thanks for intruducing them to others, it’s amazing how someone from Arabia introduces German music to somefrom from Germany. The internet ♥. LOL

    • Jenny: Yes the power of internet is limitless, do check them out! I love love Germany, one of my favorite European countries. Cologne and Berlin are my favorite cities, absolutely stellar!

      Momentum: Glad you liked Echochromes soundtrack, while I was playing, I couldn’t NOT focus on the music! Listen to Rabenkinder, their voices together makes something so weird and beautiful!

  2. أنا أحب الألمانيين لمن يغنون أنجليزي 😀

    أغلب الفرق اللي عندي سيدياتهم أنجليزي ألمانيين, نفس Modern Talking
    و Milli Vanilli

    راح أسوي داون لوود اليوم انشالله وماشالله تبارك الرحمن ذوقك وايد حلوو بالموسيقى وأنا لحد الحين عاجبني ساوند ترا لعبة أيكو كرووم اللي مرة حطيتها


  3. J’étais à Cologne en octobre 2008 et je les ai également entendus. J’ai vu un couple qui se préparait à chanter, assis sur le macadam, devant une boutique. Tout d’abord, ils m’ont semblés banals, puis ils ont chanté “Broken Precious Child” et la magie a opérée. Nous avons été séduits et avons acheté leur CD que nous avons écouté sans relache sur les routes d’Allemagne. De retour au pays – le Québec – nous l’avons fait entendre à notre entourage, et tous sont également séduits. Je leur souhaite une belle et longue carrièere.é

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