Britney S(Disap)pears in her self-starred Circus

While lip-syncing performing her Blackout gem “Ooh Ooh Baby”, Britney did some magic tricks with the help of a magician, here are two of the tricks, one is a bit boring, and the second is the good one, check it out, it’s in good quality too!


3 thoughts on “Britney S(Disap)pears in her self-starred Circus

  1. تصدق مادري ليش معني كنت أحبها وايد بس احس إنها لو مهما تسوي ما راح تقدر ترد نفس قبل

    أحسها جنت على عمرها, كانت يعني أسطورة من بعد مادونا بتصير

    • Momentum: She’ll never be back to what she used to be, but she’s doing much better now than say.. 2 years ago..

      Milfa3: It and Beyonce’s, it and Beyonce’s.

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