Lyrics: Earreading [7]

stalk“If you a star, I be your milky way
If you a bar, I drink up everyday
If you the town, I be the talk
If you the talk, baby I be the walk

If you wanna dig, I be your gold baby
If you wanna live, I be your old age
You be the time, I be the clock
You be the tick, I be the tock


If you a case, I be a jury
If you a sin, I be your mercy
If you a beat, I be the moves
If you a tree, baby I be the roots

If you a bride, I be your wedding
If you a soul, I be your Otis Redding
If you a verse, I be your song
If you a king, I be your kong”-
Nikka Costa’s “Stuck To You


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