WTF: Quran in Music

What kind of fuckery is this? How dare they use Sorat AlFateha “سورة الفاتحة” as the intro of that crappy song? On top of that, it’s vocoder’d!!


11 thoughts on “WTF: Quran in Music

  1. i am completely aggravated. how dare they! they giv them ‘freedom of speech’ and suddenly they’re capable of this?! wala law e7na chan shsawa fena? this isn’t freedom, it’s complete trespassing!!

  2. Marzouq: Exactly, this is just plain wrong, no excuses.

    LR: I couldn’t have said it better myself, I agree on all points mentioned!

    Abdullah: If he is, wouldn’t he atleast know the most basic Sora? Even if he didn’t, and it’s not his fault, the producer or whoever knew what it is, so it’s not about blaming someone specific, it’s just a vile, nasty thing to do.

  3. ok so i thought about a bit more nd kinda reached a conclusion:

    i reread my comment gabil shway and saw myself in the 3rd person perspective.. 9a7 fahad ur right in the sense that the whole situation is completely uncalled for, regardless of the parties involved. bs after 3bdla said that Busta is a muslim, i’ve concluded that he’s merely ignorant nd isn’t aware of all the Islamic teachings. still, thats no excuse but let’s look at it as a glass half-full.. u see on their end, music is sumthing of high value; ppl praise it nd literally live by it.. so the fact that he’s a muslim and incorporating it and singing it at the top of his lungs to the whole world thru his profession can be interpreted in a positive way if u think abt it..
    ina qadar islama kataqder mihnita = 7ayata

    he simply needs to be informed that it’s rong, thats all.

  4. هذا ما راح أييوز إلا لمن ناخذ راسه ونحطه في أباطه
    ونلوع جبده نفس ما لوع جبدنا بالصورة

    يعني أكو أحد يشره عليه! لو ما كان غبي ولو فيه خير جان مو يشيل كل شعر جسمه و يخلي لنا أباطه
    لأ ومعطينا بووز بيونسي

    أنا كنت أحترمه و عندي سيدياته بس الحين قررت إنهم مأبطين ولازم أقطهم

    (الكومينت مقرفة بس لأني عصبت)

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