Spotlight: Echochrome OST

77282-echochrome-1jpgEchorchrome, one of the most beautiful games I have ever played my whole life, so simple, yet so complex, and always addicting. The main strong point of the games is not its puzzle, nor the beauty of it, but the beauty of its music, it has the most elegant, most beautiful soundtrack I have ever heard my whole life, composed solely by Hideki Sakamoto, I used to leave some of the stages of the game on just to hear the music in the background, and yesterday I looked hard for the soundtrack until I finally found it, so here I am, sharing my beautiful finding with you all, I hope you too like the music, it’s classical at its best. My favorite “prime” is second track “Prime #7“, and it’s not because I love the number 7. Download it to inject an extra classiness into your routine.

1. Prime #3
2. Prime #7
3. Prime #101
4. Prime #19
5. Prime #313
6. Prime #61
7. Prime #2
8. Prime #457
9. Prime #59
10. Prime #919
11. Prime #5
12. Prime #233
13. Prime #9973

Echochrome OST [Download]


9 thoughts on “Spotlight: Echochrome OST

  1. ما سمعت عنها بس حطيتها في قوقل
    مكتوب بلاي ستايشن 2

    انا ما عندي بلاي ستايشن بس اسوي داون لود على الالعاب ملوت البلاي ستايشن والعب فيهم بال emulator
    بس شكلها ما راح ألقاها ;/

    أنا بشتري بلاي ستايشن بس ال3 تشغل العاب ال2؟
    سمعت بس اليابانيه بس مادري

  2. fhaid you did it again you made me aheb o a3alig 3ala music o mawagef asma3hom

    no one can deny shkether habait eb asala 3ogb ur post about her

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