News: Riyadh Tsunami

3344412282_9840377123_ojpgI don’t usually post these kind of posts, but this is really interesting, we all know Riyadh was besieged by a sand storm, a really crazy, sight-blinding, creepily-approaching sand storm on the 10th of March, but I haven’t seen pictures or a video.I was sent these pictures by mail, and thought of sharing, check the video and more images after the jump3344412588_34f6cde1b1_ojpgRapidly approaching the building these pictures were taken from

3343578789_326092d50f_ojpgIt’s coming.


3344438688_277f5a4185_ojpgAnd now we’re all blind.

And of course, the video:


3 thoughts on “News: Riyadh Tsunami

  1. أحنا بيصير فينا أزيد من جذي
    تتذكر السفينة الغرقانه بالبحر اللي فيها مواد كيماوية

    ياياتنا ب2010

    هذا أهون

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