nuLike: Must Be Love (Feat. Diddy) – Cassie

cassie-must-be-love-fanmade-single-cover-made-by-bonezz805Who knew Cassie had this in her, the song is very current, very clean, very simple. I was anticipated a club banger to serve as her first single, but was surprised when I heard it and it turned out to be a beautifully produced, structured and sung soulful/piano-driven tune. I have to admit that Cassie took me by a total surprise, well done Diddy, or is it Puff Daddy now? Anywho, you’re doing the right thing. Now all I want is a version without Diddy not only rapping, but breathing on it.

Must Be Love (Feat. Diddy) – Cassie [Download]


9 thoughts on “nuLike: Must Be Love (Feat. Diddy) – Cassie

  1. والله كل ساعة يغير إسمه ذبحنا
    ما ندري شنو إنسميه فا أنا قررت إني أسميه بيف باف

    (لا تنسى بعد لإن ويهه جنه زهيوي عملاق)

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