it2drevjpgWe’ve all been scared by Stephen King’s iconic clown. Yes, we had our turn, now it’s time for the kiddies of this time to have a taste. Yes, it’s being remade.
Obviously it won’t be as scary as the first one, because somehow movies these days just don’t have that “IT” factor (no pun intended). Anyways, here’s a quote:
“Inspired by the success of the Friday the 13th reboot, Warner Brothers has decided to remake Stephen King’sIt for the big screen. The 1990 version of It (that was actually made for TV) has often been referred to as one of the scariest movie of all-time. Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment are developing this new version as a fresh adaptation from Stephen King’s original novel. Dave Kajganich, of The Invasion and Creek as well as the upcoming Pet Sematary remake, will write the script. These rights have been floating around Hollywood for a while, but it was Warner Brothers who decided to finally give it another chance.”


6 thoughts on ““IT”

  1. I CANt Wait!! I reeally loove this film, it IS very iconic and i still remember how scary it was watching it when i was a kid!!

  2. عندي أياه الفيلم مال التلفزيون تصدق لو شنو ما أقدر اكمله. يملل عدل شكثر أنام وأنا أطالعه ومن كثر ما يبط جبدي أشاخر بعد. الرواية همن عندي بس ما قريتها لحد الحين بس احس وايد قرقة فيها على الفاضي أنا عندي تقريبا كل رواياته بس لحد الحين ما بديت فيهم

    لحد الحين قاعدة أقرا Night Shift
    ما خلصت منه

    • I remember it was really nice, w scary! The books are ALWAYS better than the movies, law shino esawoon, ma7ad yigdar esawee movie a7la min the book it’s taken from!

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