Song Of The Day

janetSong: I Get Lonely
Artist: Janet Jackson
Album: Velvet Rope
In short: One of my all-time favorite Janet ballads, I really wonder what happened to those send-shiver-down-your-spine ballads, they were classy, unlike her more recent stuff, Never Letchu Go, Greatest X..etc. The only good recent ballad of hers is Can’t B Good, and it’s not even as good as her older ones, it’s a shame she won’t ever top her older self! Enjoy the song, and keep blasting it out all day.

I Get Lonely – Janet Jackson [Download]


10 thoughts on “Song Of The Day

  1. Why are u always soo negative! Thats what i hate!! You always say they’ll NEVER do anythng better like they did before, even with a7lam and her new album! Its just like u WANT it to be bad!!! BE POSITIVE!!

  2. Classic Album. Classic Song. She’s back w/ Jam & Lewis. We’ll be getting more Gems. They know where the cards lie and what it’s going to take to get her back on point sonically & conceptually.

  3. في إغنية اللي تصويرها تاخذ شي من الثلاجه
    كانت ساوند ترااك فيلم مادري شسمها؟؟

    ملاحظ ما طرى على بالي شي من الاغنية الا الثلاجه؟

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