Review: Resident Evil 5

I haven’t finished the game yet, but played the first chapter, and it is FINE. It’s like a much better RE4. The graphics are nothing short of amazing, the controls as well. There really isn’t much for me to say at this point other than if you’re a fan, go get your hands on it, and get hooked. One bad thing about the game [from my perspective] is that it became more of a thriller-adventure type game, not horror. I used to get scared shitless when my big brother used to play the first one, and yes, I know I was younger, but still, this has lost the feeling of “horror”, but it still is a great game, and seems to have lots of re-playability value.




6 thoughts on “Review: Resident Evil 5

  1. Trash that comment! Lol

    I’m enjoying playing Halo Wars and Street Fighter for now! I can’t play that type of game at night, it honestly scares the crap out of me!

  2. It is, believe me! But it’s not as scary as previous games [so far], I love Street Fighter, but haven’t played Halo Wars, I hate strategy games.

    The only game that scares the hell outta me at night is Condemned!!

  3. Resident Evil 5 is great! But I like 4 much more than this. But I haven’t finished yet, so I’ll have to see. A scary game to play at night, and freak yourself out, is Dead Space. I haven’t been this scared from a game in a long time.

  4. واللي لحد الحين دياية ما تقدر تكمل Resident Evil 2?

    كل ما أعدي الشووب مال الاسلحة اللي اول شي اطفي البلاي ستايشن

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