Rant #3

WhitneyWhy did you make me like you? I was always 100% anti-Whitney Houston, for no apparent reason, and I ain’t ashamed to say it! I love music, all music, well that was a pure lie, no one loves all music. But I’ve always had this tendency to hate Whitney, I don’t know why, and never bothered to investigate much in it, maybe it was because the first song I heard by her was “I Will Always Love You”, which is gave me what a dear friend of mine would describe as a pure “ironing room feel”. A friend of mine, Abdullah, who is VERY big on black music, recently gave me her whole discography, and as I always do when experimenting artists, I rapidly advance from their latest albums to their first, not the other way around, that’s how I got into Jill Scott, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and others. I now am listening to her “My Love Is Your Love” album, which I’m 100% sure it’s considered trash in comparison to her older stuff, and surprise, surprise, I like it. I really can’t wait for her new album to drop, but I know it’s not gonna be on bar with her older stuff. I’m hoping the Whitney journey will result in many favorites, and classics revealed, and overall success. The “Madonna” journey was an utter failure, and so was Toni Braxton’s, but I’m willing to give that woman a fourth chance for her voice alone. And now with my new favorite Whitney songs:

My Love Is Your Love
Heartbreak Hotel
I Learned From The Best
Tell Me No


7 thoughts on “Rant #3

  1. YAAY finally!!
    awww one of my FAV whitney songs is “Heartbreak Hotel” even though its a cover of Elvis’s song, bs i still loove it!! And suddenly im listening to and loving “Saving All My Love For You” more after Tatianna sang it on American Idol !!

  2. ويييه أخاف الحين

    u 6in8 i’m pilipino? 😦

    هالفلبن ما خلو شي
    تهقه لو أروح معطم ديفاز وأغني أغنيتي هذي المفضلة
    حتى لو ماكو أحد هناك

    هم عبالهم إني فلبينية؟

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