Gadgets: WD’s 8TB Hard Drive.

HD Wow, this is pretty pretty. It has 8TB of memory, and is 30% faster than all previous models, and supports DLNA media streaming, it also doubles as an iTunes music server and comes bundled with the company’s own Anywhere Backup software. In addition to an email alert system in case failure is imminent. Its cost? $1,699.99. Link to read more.


2 thoughts on “Gadgets: WD’s 8TB Hard Drive.

  1. أيييييييه أنا هالنوع ينفع لي
    مو هذاك اللي جنه مفتاح

    تهقه مو آخذه وياي أكون متعوده على المفتاح
    وهذول نفس الماركة
    وأكفخ فيه هذا المربع عبالي يبطل الباب؟

    أسويها ;/

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