Cakes Vol.1

2wdvza9jpgMiley Cyrus gone wrong

mulan-01jpgThis looks more like a painting than a cake, pretty.

theme_birthday_cake_01jpgGeeky cake, LOTR obviously.

9k34v7jpgTori, is that you?

k51klfjpgFor the “Twilighters”, I really really like the second one, in case you didn’t figure it out, it has the “items/pictures” found on the cover of each book.

coolest-belle-cake-11-35283jpgPretty Belle.

creative_cakes_02jpgFollow the rainbow to a pot o’ gold.

family-guy-picture-02jpgfamily-guy-picture-03jpg This is what I want for my birthday, except Vanilla instead of chocolate, thanks.

2iuqrvbjpg1The Jonas Brothers approve of this post.

1zya5asjpg1This is perfect minus the stupid writing, I want to do it for a friend, you know who you are.


5 thoughts on “Cakes Vol.1

    • he said the cover of each book, meaning the twilight series. not just the actual twilight book. therefor, he’s correct. don’t correct him. i don’t even like twilight D: but it’s a creative cake nonetheless.

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