Simply Christina Brilliance.

12jpgThis has got to be one of the most brilliantly thought of  ad campains since the beginning of time. Christina’s “Simply Christina” perfume topped the charts in almost everywhere it was released, needless to say, and was voted as people’s favorite celebrity perfume in 2007. The perfume tagline reads “It’s all you have to wear”, so what did they do? The hanged hangers all around Israel (roughly 150,000 hangers) with nothing on them besides a sampler of said perfume, here’re the pictures of the campaign, and it shows that THERE are creative people still! Be amazed.

4 thoughts on “Simply Christina Brilliance.

    • Her first perfume [the one above] was really good, reminds me of another perfume, but it’s much better than other celeb. perfumes, her second one however isn’t as good as her first, it’s very flowery!

  1. Wow, that’s…simply amazing. Sheer brilliance. I lvoed the perfume and I think that just made the decision for me whether I should buy a new bottle. Christina ftw.

    • Yeah I had my jaw on the floor when I saw this ad campaign, it’s simply brilliant! Did you try her second perfume? not as good as her first 😦

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