Gaga peaks

lady-gaga-live-koko-club-fanmade-album-coverjpgA direct quote from Billboard:

Lady GaGa earns a new chart peak this week as “The Fame” (IGA) moves up 26-10 with 32,000 (+11%)

This is it.


3 thoughts on “Gaga peaks

  1. Let’s-have-some-fun-this-beat-is-sick! A fun album that borders a little of Gwen Stefanie! I would highly recommend this album for someone who is just trying to dance and have a good time. Some people say the album sucks, but please be warned that she may have written songs for Britney spears, but they have different styles. I loved the greedy shameless song “money” and I couldn’t stop playing “Poker face” for almost four months now! the song reminds me of a gold diggers anthem! Her music takes me into the mind of idiots like Paris Hilton who worship material things! Great album! Lady GaGa appeals to the European market! Great retro pop!

    • It’s the best album of 2008, perfect shameless pop! It might not be the best written/composed album, but it’s the most fun to listen to. Thanks for the comment, and for passing by 🙂

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