I missed making Gems posts, today I have 8 songs for you to download, love and overplay, enjoy!

aliciaNever Felt This Way (Interlude) – Alicia Keys
This interlude can be found on her debut album, the lyrics and emotional delivery of Ms. Keys is unparalleled, and it’s no different this time, she shines all through the 2 mis interlude.


untitled-2Not Fair – Lily Allen
Remember Not Big from her debut album? This is its big sister song. It’s Lily’s next single, one of the best on the album, and quite brilliant to be honest. The story is about her having the perfect boyfriend, who “treats her with respect, tells her that he loves, and calls her 15 times a day” but fails to “make her scream in bed”. The chorus is addictive, “It’s not fair, and I think you’re really mean, I think you’re really mean”.


meganPorcelain Doll – Megan McCauley
Big vocals, and soft piano arrangement. Basically a depressing song, but a BEAUTIFUL depressing song, I downloaded Megan’s album not sure what to expect, I didn’t like it much, except for this song, she can really sing. You’ll like this.


pinkIt’s All Your Fault – P!nk
P!nk is genius, every thing she does, every lyric she sing, she makes it her own. This is my favorite song off Funhouse, and I wish beyond wishing that it never gets released as a single, that would ruin its magic. Although this sounds A LOT like Kelly Clarkson, I don’t think it would’ve been half as good if it was sung by her, and I love her. The song is about suicide if you didn’t get the lyrics.


jloI Got You – Jennifer Lopez
Darkchild is my favorite producer, and I especially love her producing that are tinged with eastern styled music, and this is a fine example of that. Found on J-Lo’s flop of an album Rebirth, which I quite  liked, poor J-Lo.

maroonMakes Me Wonder (Just Blaze Remix) – Maroon 5
If you liked the original, you’re most definitely going to go bonkers after this remix.


kellyEvery Thought Is You – Kelly Rowland
The only thing to salvage from Kelly’s album.


jescaLove Is All We Have – Jesca Hoop
A very beautiful song about Katrina the hurricane, the lyrics are touching, and Jesca’s voice soars in every single second throughout the song. Her voice is very distinctive.


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