Rant #2

blairI am eternally thankful to Amy Winehouse for introducing me to the line “What kind of fuckery is this?”, which seems like the only appropriate line to start my second rant, so.. What kinda fuckery is this? Why are most bonus tracks much, much better than the actual album track? Here I listed some of the bonus tracks that have been released this year that can or can’t be found online. All of the tracks listed here are better than at least two of the actual album tracks. First, Britney Spears.. I really don’t know where to start. All and I do mean ALL of the bonus tracks are better than half of the album, which is utterly stupid, songs like Mmm Papi, My Baby, Blur, Lace And Leather and Out From Under are far more inferior than Rock Me In, Quicksand, Trouble, Phonography and Amnesia. Rock Me In, Phonography and Amnesia are the album’s highlights, sadly. Lady Gaga‘s ‘Disco Heaven’ is addictive as hell, why wasn’t it on the original album is beyond me, it could easily replace my least favorite track on the album ‘The Fame’, how ironic?. B time, Beyonce‘s album was a mixed bag of fantastic, good, okay, bad and awful songs, the latter being the hideous ‘That’s Why You’re Beautiful’. Two bonuses were released, one for each disc, the first being ‘Save The Hero’, lame as it is, it’s 10x better than the aforementioned awful song. Disc 2’s bonus track, is not only one of the best on the whole album, but one of the best of B’s career. ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ penned by sister Solange and The Bama Boyz. It only makes sense that Solange wrote it, since it wouldn’t sound out of place on her own LP, which is much better than B’s, but when it comes to replacing it with a song on the second disc, I really don’t know, as I love ALL of it, despite its often shitty-ness and ghetto-ness. Brandy, yet another B, released her album which isn’t doing well at all. Songs that were leaked before the album’s release are better than the actual album. ‘List’, ‘Porcelain’, ‘After The Flood’ and ‘Drum Life’ are better than some of the songs found on the album, one comes to mind ‘Acapella (Something’s Missing)’, I can’t get over the “Clap! Clap!” part. But we’re talking about Bonus Tracks, so that leaves us with ‘Locket (Locked In Love)’ and ‘Gonna Find My Love’, dare I say that both are better than ‘Acapella’? Yes, especially ‘Gonna Find My Love’. Jazmine‘s bonuses are as good as her album tracks, so they’re included her as a ‘bonus’ download. Janet Jackson‘s ‘Discipline’ was much better than what I expected, but there were so dull moments ‘Never Letchu Go’, ‘What’s Ur Name’, ‘Greatest X’, and ‘Curtains’, had any of these songs were replaced with ‘Let Me Know’, Def Jam would’ve done a huge favor to fans worlwide, the electro-infused sassy track is not only better than those tracks, but one of the albums highpoints. Here I uploaded some of the mentioned tracks for you to judge! All can be found in the MediaFire folder.

Switch – Jazmine Sullivan
Best Of Me – Jazmine Sullivan
Phonography – Britney Spears
Amnesia – Britney Spears
Trouble – Britney Spears
Let Me Know – Janet Jackson
Gonna Find My Love – Brandy
Why Don’t You Love Me – Beyonce 

Bonuses [Download Folder]


3 thoughts on “Rant #2

  1. First: Oh my, how I love that Blair-ani. ♥
    Then I have to agree, sometimes I really question what the labels were thinking.
    The cases I got mad were Monrose’s ‘Step Aside’ a nice, slow track which would have fit the rest of the CD and, I still can’t believe they left it out, ‘Overcome’ by Jordin Sparks. I absolutely adore that song, I may not have the exact same sound as the rest of the record but it’s such a dark, amazing song, it shows a different side of Jordin and would have been just great.And I agree: Britney’s record was really disappointing and although Beyoncé’s latest CD had like 5 good songs in it but the rest were variatons of ‘bad’.

    Can’t wait to listen to the other songs you uploaded. =)

    • I have a whole bunch of Blair-anis. :p I LOVE Jordan’s ‘Overcome’, it’s much better than the slow half of the album, and Monrose’s ‘Step Aside’ as well!! It just goes to showing that not the best makes the cut, but what the LABEL wants. Oh well, atleast we get those bonuses after all.

  2. Blair = win LOL

    Jep, Jordin’s CD was OK, there were a bunch of nice songs on it, but besides No Air, Overcome was def the song that shined the most.

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