Nostalgia: That La, La, La – Rihanna

Once considered a one-hit wonder, Rihanna hit the scene with the infection ‘Pon De Replay‘, but most of her album ‘Music Of The Sun‘ was and still is unknown to the public. It wasn’t great, but it had a few gems, and this is definitely one of them, it actually sounds like Rihanna 3.0 would release.

That La, La, La – Rihanna [Download]

2 thoughts on “Nostalgia: That La, La, La – Rihanna

  1. Seriously, if you look at the way RiRi started out and what she’s become now…it’s really incredible! Compared to her first two albums were really bad (except 2 or 3 songs), GGGB is just the best record of all time. LOL

  2. أنا هذي ام دماغ مو قادره أبلعها مادري ليش

    ما تدري شكثر استانست لمن كريس براون علمها الشغل
    تلقاها اهيا ميننته

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