Favorite People of 2008

scotttttt1. Jill Scott: A goddess, the best thing I came across my whole life. I LOVE her, and LOVE would be an understatement.


gaga2. Lady GaGa: The best thing to happen to American Pop since Christina Aguilera.

jaz23. Jazmine Sullivan: New-age Lauryn Hill, with a better attitude.


jj4. Janet Jackson: Why wouldn’t she be on here?


aa5. Aaliyah: I fell in love with her just this year, may she rest in peace.


brandy26. Brandy: Each track that was leaked or appeared on her album are listen-worthy and better than most of R&B’s offering this year.


kw7. Kate Walsh: I can’t not love her, try as I may.


pnk8. P!nk: Everything from the Funhouse era has been perfect so far.


meester9. Leighton Meester: Gossip Girl’s Blair is definitely the show’s best character and one of the best new-generation actresses.


bree10. Marcia Cross: Being the ever-lovely Bree Van De Kamp/Hodge will always makes her my favorite.

Who are yours?


4 thoughts on “Favorite People of 2008

  1. Of 2008 only would be the following and in no particular order:

    – Oprah.
    – Obama.
    – Jazmine Sullivan.
    – Solange Knowles.
    – Keyshia Cole.
    – Janet Jackson.
    – Kate Walsh.
    – Freemasons.
    – Moto Blanco.
    – Adele.
    – Estelle
    – Beyonce.
    – “So you think you can dance” i know it doesn’t count but most of the judges from that show were very influential on/to me.
    – YOU. and im not just saying that. You know i mean it.

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