Briteny’s Circus’ Artwork

Here’s the rumored single cover for Brit’s second single, Circus. This would’ve been a better album cover, but it still isn’t good enough, I prefer the promo cover much, much, much more. Like it was last year, the ugly album cover didn’t touch my iTunes/iPod, therefor I’m compiling a list of great album covers to use instead of the hideous one.


They’re nothing genius, but any of them would make a better cover than the original, I love the one before last, it’s the one I’m using.


2 thoughts on “Briteny’s Circus’ Artwork

  1. The official cover 7adda 3adi the 1st and 2nd ones ele inta 7a6hum are much better “eb rayey 6ab3an”!!!
    6ab3an akheer wa7ed loooool hatha ele agdar agoola! ;p

  2. The album cover isn’t that bad really. Maybe the stars are too much. But yeah this one is really hot. Plus, the album is freaking amazing I can’t stop listening to it!

    Can’t wait till mom gets back from London! She got me the physical copy. *hyper*


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