It’s that time again, here is where I post 7 songs of my choice, urging you to download them, listen to them and eventually love them, or that’s what I aspire to do. Songs included could literally be anything.


Beyoncé Knowles – I’d Rather Go Blind
Fresh off the Cadillac Records movie soundtrack, a favorite of mine [the original], I can’t really say that Beyoncé does it justice, because really, who can? [that’s a whole different topic], but this rendition of the song is quite lovely.



John Legend – Quickly (Feat. Brandy)
I heard this song when his album came out, and by then I was already craving me some Brandy, so no matter how crap the song was, having Brandy on it would make all the difference, but luckily the song is anything but crap, and her vocals are so crisp here, that I really can’t find any other word to describe them.



Ava Leigh – Over The Bridge
First off, let me say that her album ‘Rollin” is superb. If you’ve heard the first single  ‘Mad About The Boy’, then you have a pretty clear idea of which direction she’s going with. I haven’t listened to the album thoroughly, but most of the songs are instants! This stood out at first, and it’s reggea-influenced with a tinge of soul. 



Erykah Badu – Tyrone (Extended Version)
I can’t say that I’m a big fan of hers, but I like some songs of hers, and this song has got to be my favorite of hers, you don’t really have to be a fan of hers to appreciate this song, or even a fan of soul music. It’s the perfect kiss-off song.


Rachael Yamagata – What If I Leave
Beautiful, beautiful and a million times beautiful is all I can say.



Nikka Costa – Keep Pushin’
Nikka’s latest offering was her first “independent” album, and one that SHE wanted to make, which resulted in a lyrically beautiful album, but not as instant as her previous works, but might have a better longevity, although there are some instant favorites here and there (Without Love, Can’t Please Everybody, Love To Love You Less and Stuck To You).



Amel Larrieux – Make Me Whole
Ms. Larrieux is one of the best R&B vocalists out there, her vocals are always in control, and range surprising beyond what you’d expect! Definitely download this.


Comment! Tell me what you think.


2 thoughts on “GEMS!

  1. I dont think i’ve heard many songs by Etta James but when i found out Beyonce was playing her in a movie my eyebrow raised itself, and when i heard the songs from the Cadillac Records OST i loved Mrs. James music! Especially I’d Rather Go Blind and the classic At Last! Cant wait to watch the film!!
    Make Me Whole is such a beautiful song, Amel’s voice is angelic, and the words are just perfect!
    Tyrone is such a unique song, im glad u included it, people have to listen to it!

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