Song Of The Day

capaSong: Longing For Lullabies
Artist: Titiyo
Album: Hidden
In Short: I first fell in love with this song when it was on Kleerup’s album, it was a pain to look for when just the video was released, not the album. Anyways, I found out that she released a new album called “Hidden” not so long ago, and it featured a different version of the song, so I went and got the album, and the song is a very stripped down version of the original, an acoustic version if you like. It’s hauntingly beautiful, if you enjoyed the Kleerup-produced one, you’ll love this.

Longing For Lullabies (Feat. Titiyo) – Kleerup [Download]
Longing For Lullabies – Titiyo [Download]

A Favorite: Like A Pen – The Knife

One of my favorite songs, introduced to me by a very dear friend. I hate electronica, but this is an exception. If you’re a fan of music, and have a good taste, you’ll appreciate this. The opening line is brilliant, “Sharpen my body like a pen”.

Like A Pen – The Knife [Download]

Nostalgia: Naughty Girl – Beyonce

Remember? Beyonce’s best moment as a solo artist. Best single, and best video of her career.

Naughty Girl – Beyonce [Download]

nuLike: Erotic – Keyshia Cole

keyshia_cole_-_a_different_menuLike = new songs you’ll like. I haven’t heard Keyshia’s album thoroughly but this song stood out at first, maybe because of the title, which is very much likely. Take a listen, it won’t hurt downloading.

Erotic – Keyshia Cole [Download]

Song Of The Day

Song: Imagination (Crown Royal Suite)
Artist: Jill Scott
Album: The Real Thing – Words and Sounds, Vol.3
In Short: This is a bonus track, it’s two tracks in one, or shall I say, a track and an outro. The outro is the song “Crown Royal” on the album, which is 1:49 minutes long. The song preceding the outro is the perfect piece of harmony and melody to accompany the outro, Jill can do NO wrong, at all. That woman is like no other, believe me.

Imagination (Crown Royal Suite) – Jill Scott [Download]

Live Mario Bros.

Now tell me this isn’t inventive.

Beyonce meets the ‘Single Ladies’ dancin’ guy, Shane Mercado.

We have all seen the guy who danced his butt off to Beyonce’s #1 hit ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”. At the Cadillac Records premiere, an interviewer introduces them together, and the look on Beyonce’s face is priceless! It’s so cute.

Favorite People of 2008

scotttttt1. Jill Scott: A goddess, the best thing I came across my whole life. I LOVE her, and LOVE would be an understatement.


gaga2. Lady GaGa: The best thing to happen to American Pop since Christina Aguilera.

jaz23. Jazmine Sullivan: New-age Lauryn Hill, with a better attitude.


jj4. Janet Jackson: Why wouldn’t she be on here?


aa5. Aaliyah: I fell in love with her just this year, may she rest in peace.


brandy26. Brandy: Each track that was leaked or appeared on her album are listen-worthy and better than most of R&B’s offering this year.


kw7. Kate Walsh: I can’t not love her, try as I may.


pnk8. P!nk: Everything from the Funhouse era has been perfect so far.


meester9. Leighton Meester: Gossip Girl’s Blair is definitely the show’s best character and one of the best new-generation actresses.


bree10. Marcia Cross: Being the ever-lovely Bree Van De Kamp/Hodge will always makes her my favorite.

Who are yours?

Nostalgia: Apart – Brandy

Full Moon, Brandy second best album, and the best showcase of Darkchild’s production abilities, showed a different, sexier Brandy back in the day, a departure from ‘Never Say Never’, but with a lot of similarities if that makes sense. ‘Apart’ is one of my many favorites off Full Moon, if you’re not familiar with the song, do download it, it’s very much worth your while.

Apart – Brandy [Download]

A Favorite: Makin’ It Last All Night (What It Do) – Mariah Carey

emancipationultraplatinumWhat a hefty title. When I first heard this along with Don’t Forget About Us, not knowing that the latter was the single to be taken from the platinum edition, I thought this would be the single taken, but I was wrong, just like I was wrong with Britney’s ‘I Just Begun’/’Do Somethin” and Christina’s “Genie 2.0’/’Dynamite’. I still think that this is much better than ‘Don’t Forget About Us’, even though I love that one, but this song has that sexy Mimi side that I love. Much as I love lovely-dovey Mariah, I ‘d take sexy sultry Mimi over her anytime of the day.

Makin’ It Last All Night (What It Do) – Mariah Carey [Download]

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